Dental Restorations

Beautiful teeth, beautiful smile!
Beautiful teeth, beautiful smile!

When trauma or decay caused by a variety of factors result in our teeth becoming damaged, we may fear that our smile will never be the same. Thankfully this doesn’t have to be the case. Restoration dentistry is the field of dental medicine that focuses on the repair and rebuilding of our teeth. Through the use of composite / ceramic materials and the skilled hand of our team damaged teeth can be restored to their natural beauty and function. This process ensures that dental decay is halted in its tracks and our teeth protected against ongoing damage.

Dental Restorations inner showing the concept of Dental Restorations

Dental Restorations At a Glance

  •  Effective way of restoring dental beauty and function 
  • Ceramic and composites mimic the appearance of natural teeth
  • Procedures available for repairing existing teeth or replace missing teeth

Dental Restorations At Our Clinic

Patients at our clinic are able to benefit from a full range of dental restoration procedures. Whether they’re looking to repair a single tooth or need to replace missing teeth there are options that can help. There are multiple dental restoration treatments available at our practice, including:

  •  Fillings – Restorations at use white composite material to replace missing or damaged tooth structure. 
  • Inlays – A lab fabricated restoration made of porcelain/ceramic or gold. 
  • Onlays – A lab fabricated restoration made of porcelain/ceramic or gold that includes the cusps of a back tooth. 
  • Crowns – Also known as a “cap”, a full coverage lab fabricated restoration that covers the entire tooth and offers the most protection. 
  • Bridges – When a tooth is missing a bridge may be used. Teeth on either side of the gap are fitted with crowns with a ‘bridge’ in between that replaces the missing tooth. 
  • Implants – The latest and best treatment for missing teeth, dental implants involve the placement of a titanium mounting stud in the jawbone which is fitted with replacement teeth.

Each of these restorations can help rebuild your smile and preserve your teeth against future damage when combined with proper dental hygiene practices. Whether you simply have cracked or damaged teeth, or are missing teeth and want to restore your smile, we have treatment options available.

Restoration Dentistry Is About More Than Vanity

One concern that we get from many patients about restoration dentistry is whether it’s really necessary. All too often we hear patients concerned that replacing missing teeth is just about vanity, but nothing could be further from the truth. Every tooth we have serves an important role in our oral health. When a tooth goes missing the workload has to be redistributed and the loss of support can result in teeth moving out of alignment. That’s why we make every possible effort to repair the damage, hold off decay, and help you retain your natural teeth.

When you’re ready to take the next step in restoring your beautiful smile, reach out to our clinic for an appointment in Calgary, AB. We’ll arrange for you to meet with Dr. Henry Lam and go over your dental health concerns. During this visit, you’ll receive a consultation on dental restoration options and what they can do to improve your smile, and your overall oral health.

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