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Beautiful teeth, beautiful smile!
Beautiful teeth, beautiful smile!

Dr. Per-Ingvar Brånemark invented the dental implant as we know it in 1952. Since that time, they have been considered the ideal tool for replacing missing teeth and restoring smiles for patients. Part of what makes dental implants exceptional is the properties of titanium. This material is ideal for use in the screws that are inserted into the jawbone due to its ability to encourage bone growth, strengthening the jaw. As a result, implants not only provide beautiful, durable teeth that appear natural, they actually help protect the jaw from further deterioration.

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Implants and Surgery At a Glance

  • Implants create beautiful, natural-appearing dental replacements 
  • Implants help to reinforce natural bone through osseointegration 
  • Implants are easy to care for and restore full function to patients teeth

Implants and Surgery At 8 West Dental Care

The process of receiving dental implants involves a surgical procedure during which one or more titanium posts will be inserted into the jawbone. These posts will serve as the mounting point for your new teeth, securing them in place as part of restoring your smile. Mounted on these posts, your new teeth are able to function as effectively as your natural teeth. The steps involved in receiving dental implants include:

  • Initial Cleaning and Exam – Before you begin the process of receiving dental implants, you will undergo a standard dental exam and cleaning. Imaging will be taken to provide the dentist with a clear view of the health of your oral structures to help them plan the procedure. 
  • Necessary Extractions – In the event that extractions are necessary before the implant procedure, they will be done. This typically occurs as a separate visit from the cleaning and exam. 
  • Titanium Post Implant – During your next visit, titanium posts will be implanted into your jaw at locations dictated by the implants being received. The holes in your gums created to place these screws will be stitched over. This is followed by a healing period of eight or more weeks. 
  • Placement of Prosthesis – Once you return, your gums will have healed and impressions will be taken in preparation for receiving your dental prosthesis. Whether your prosthesis is a single tooth or a whole new set of teeth, it can be fabricated it about a weeks’ time. 
  • Recovery – You can start using your new teeth right away and you’ll soon find yourself forgetting you even have implants instead of natural teeth!

You can reach out to our offices today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Henry Lam in Calgary, AB. During your visit, you’ll undergo a dental examination to determine the state of your oral health and whether you’re eligible to receive dental implants. As part of this consultation, options will be discussed as well as any steps necessary to prepare you to receive your new smile!

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