Bleaching & Whitening

Beautiful teeth, beautiful smile!
Beautiful teeth, beautiful smile!

Among the most frequently requested forms of aesthetic dental treatment performed in the last decade is dental whitening. Every year new options become available for enhancing the whiteness of our teeth and making them movie-star white. Many teeth whitening options exist in over-the-counter forms, including options such as toothpaste and at-home whitening trays. Dentists offer an even broader range of options, using stronger ingredients and more technical treatments that can whiten even the most stained teeth.

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Teeth Whitening At A Glance

  • Enhances the beauty of your teeth by boosting whiteness 
  • Eliminates staining without damaging or costly procedures 
  • Professional care achieves results not possible with over-the-counter treatments

Teeth Whitening Services Available At Our Clinic

Our teeth are made up of three distinct layers, the outermost being the enamel. Underneath that layer we have dentin, with the sensitive fleshy pulp at the centre. There are many reasons your teeth may be discoloured, the most common being that the enamel has become stained. Most whitening treatments are designed to address issues at this level. When the discolouration is due to severe decay or thinning enamel causing yellowing other treatments may be necessary. You can start by trying over-the-counter treatments to address your concerns with staining, or you can talk to a professional at our office to get more effective treatments.

When over-the-counter whiteners just aren’t doing the job, or you want to make sure that you get results the first time, we have a variety of services to offer. These run the range from the most basic teeth whitening procedures to enamel bonding and veneers to tackle the hardest cases.

  • Teeth Whitening – Our teeth whitening services use powerful bleaching agents in a controlled and safe environment to help eliminate enamel staining. In cases where teeth sensitivity prevents using the standard in-office procedures, lower strength dental trays are available for home use. 
  • Enamel Abrasion – Enamel stains that are being stubborn or resistant to standard treatments may be able to be treated through enamel abrasion. Fine pumice is applied to the teeth with a polisher that gently scrubs away stains from a variety of sources. 
  • Veneers – When stains are too stubborn for whitening or stains are happening inside the tooth; veneers can save the day. This treatment involves the placement of thin ceramic or porcelain shells, known as veneers, over your tooth. A minimal amount of enamel has to be removed for them to be fitted in place, so the patient must have a sufficient amount to support this. In some cases no enamel has to be removed at all!

While many consider dental whitening to be pure vanity, research has revealed that those with bright white smiles have many social advantages. Even your career can benefit, as those with healthy smiles have been shown to have greater success at getting the promotion or raise they want. We can help you get that smile you’ve always wanted by eliminating stubborn stains. Call us today and schedule an appointment to speak to Dr. Henry Lam in Calgary, AB . During your visit, you’ll discuss the state of your oral health, what options are available, and create a plan to create a beautiful new smile.

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